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Mighty Patch, Hero Cosmetics

Updated 28th of March 2024

Mighty Patch, Original Pack
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I had previously been quite skeptical of pimple patches, but I haven’t looked back since I was introduced to the Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics. I get pesky pimples around my chin area/jaw line and forehead. My nose tends to get oily and I struggle with blackheads and whiteheads on and around my nose. The Mighty Patches have helped immensely. And the satisfaction of peeling off all the gunk that had been on my face is second to none.

How does it work?

Mighty Patch, Original Pack

Hydrocolloid Patch

When the patch is applied over the skin, the hydrocolloid material absorbs pus and gunk (all those nasty fluids created by the body). It makes a gel-like substance that helps keep the skin moist. The moisture promotes faster healing by supporting cell growth and reducing the risk of scabbing and scarring.

The patch also acts as a barrier that protects the skin (and pimples) from any bacteria, dirt and other contaminants, reducing the risk that your pimples will get irritated. Apart from that, this nifty patch also helps reduce inflammation.

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TL;DR: The patches are used for treating acne spots because they pull out all the pus and oil from pimples, reducing inflammation and redness - all while you sleep or go about your day. There’s the added bonus of being able to painlessly peel the patch off and while watching all the gunk come along with it!


Out of all the pimple patch brands that I've tried, Mighty Patch by Hero really does remove gunk and reduce inflammation. It's been so effective that my husband has started using the Nose Patch at night to remove his blackheads because he's seen the results on me.

PRO TIP: We use these pimple patches for small pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. The patches will NOT work on blind pimples. The patch pulls out all of the gunk from the skin, but blind pimples have all of that hidden so it will not be effective. I suffered from cystic acne caused by hormones for a number of years and these pimple patches will definitely not work on any blind pimples, unfortunately.


It’s very easy to use this pimple patch, here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Make sure to clean your face properly with face wash and water.
  2. Apply the patch directly on the pimple.
  3. Leave it on while you sleep and remove it in the morning. Or use it throughout the day to protect your skin from any bacteria. Remove when the patch starts to become opaque or after 6-8 hours.

Please remember that is always important to read and follow the advice and instructions that come with the product too.

Mighty Patch Range

Mighty Patch Original Pack

The Original Pack

The Mighty Patch Original product comes with 36 patches. If I have a pimple that is emerging, I'll generally stick use one patch to protect the pimple from any bacteria and to reduce inflammation. These are the patches I use at nighttime.

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Mighty Patch Invisible+ Pack


The Mighty Patch Invisible+ product is an ultra-thin invisible patch that you can wear outside, and honestly, people don't notice and I feel comfortable wearing them. It's great to wear a patch during the day to avoid further irritation and reduce inflammation asap. The Invisible+ box is specifically branded as a daytime pack.

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Mighty Patch Nose Strips

Nose Strips

The Mighty Patch Nose patches are what both me and my husband use to remove white and black heads and any other minor pimples emerging on our noses. The pack comes with 10 nose patches, and we generally use 1-2 each per week. Always make sure to follow the instructions that come with the product.

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Mighty Patch Nose Strips

Variety Pack

What's not to love about a variety pack? It has both the Original and Invisible+ patches as well as Surface patches which are bigger and shaped like strips. All in all, there are 26 patches total: 12 Original, 12 Invisible+ and 2 Surface.

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