Chili Aioli

We can’t get enough of aioli, and we’re excited to share our take on a classic aioli with a spicy twist - chili aioli. We’ve tried this recipe on our sandwiches and burgers, and trust us, it’s a game-changer.

Chili aioli seen from the top served with bread

What’s Chili Aioli?

Chili aioli blends traditional aioli’s creamy, garlic-rich goodness with a dash of heat. In the Northwest Mediterranean, where aioli hails, it’s a dip made from garlic, olive oil, eggs, and salt. Our version kicks it up with cayenne pepper and a hint of Dijon mustard. The cayenne adds a warm, spicy kick and gives the aioli a vibrant hue. Every spoonful of our chili aioli brings a smooth texture, a robust garlic flavor, and a spicy undertone that’ll keep you dipping for more.

Chili aioli: a deep dive

Mayonnaise serves as the creamy, rich base that binds all the flavors together in our aioli. Its smooth texture and neutral taste create the perfect canvas for the other ingredients.

We prefer using our homemade mayonnaise for the best results, and if you’re up for it, homemade mayonnaise can add an extra layer of freshness!

Garlic is truly the star of this recipe. It adds a bold, aromatic flavor that is quintessential to aioli. Its savory and slightly spicy taste elevates the sauce to new heights.

We recommend trying out our garlic paste recipe as it’s a massive time saver, especially for recipes like this chili aioli that requires a lot of garlic.

Cayenne Pepper adds a delightful heat to the aioli. It’s not just about spiciness; cayenne pepper also contributes a subtle, earthy undertone that complements the garlic. Adjust the amount of cayenne pepper based on your heat preference. A little goes a long way, so start with a pinch and increase as desired.

Dijon mustard might seem minor, but it’s crucial for rounding out the flavors. It brings a tangy, slightly sharp taste that balances the creaminess of the mayonnaise and the boldness of the garlic. Use a high-quality Dijon mustard for a more refined and pronounced flavor. It adds depth and complexity to the aioli.

All the flavors complement each other well, resulting in a creamy, garlicky, spicy, and slightly tangy sauce. It’s perfect for sandwiches, burgers, and a dip for your favorite snacks.

Quick and easy

We love making things simple and accessible for everyone, and this recipe works well with store-bought mayonnaise to make the aioli. Feel free to try out our homemade mayonnaise to get the best results. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make your aioli from scratch; here’s a great recipe to try.

Secondly, we highly recommend using garlic paste for this recipe because it saves so much time while cooking - it’s a must in our kitchen.

Chili aioli stepped up a notch

Here are some of our favorite ways that we love to use our chili aioli;

  • Dip: Perfect for fries, sweet potato wedges, or fresh veggies.
  • Sandwich spread: Elevates the taste of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and wraps.
  • Grilled meats: Amazing as a sauce for grilled chicken, steak, or fish.
  • Taco topping: Adds a creamy, spicy kick to tacos or burritos.
  • Pasta salad dressing: Mix into your pasta salad for a flavorful twist.
  • Roasted vegetables: Add as a side sauce for roasted veggies like Brussels sprouts or carrots.
  • Pizza sauce: Use as a base sauce on top of your favorite pizza.
  • Egg dishes: Great with omelets, scrambled eggs, or as a topping for deviled eggs.
  • Potato salad: Mix into potato salad for a spicy, creamy flavor.
  • Seafood: Delicious with crab cakes, shrimp, or fish fillets.
  • Buddha bowls: Add a dollop over grain bowls or Buddha bowls for extra zing.
  • Snacking: Pair with soft pretzels, potato chips, or popcorn.

Aioli, aioli, aioli

If you’re a fan of aioli like us, check out these other variants that we absolutely love:

  • Bacon Aioli – Everything’s better with bacon, right?
  • Pesto Aioli – A fresh and herby twist on the classic.
  • Wasabi Aioli - An Asian-Mediterranean fusion - who can resist?

How long can I store chili aioli in the fridge?

You can store chili aioli in an airtight container in the fridge for 2-3 days.

How can I use chili aioli?

Chili aioli is definitely versatile! It's great as a dip for bread or fries, a side sauce for veggies or a spread on sandwiches or burgers - try out our cheeseburger sub recipe with some chili aioli - delicious. We honestly can't get enough of it!

Chili Aioli

This is the perfect spice combination with aioli. It’s a little bit hot, gives slight a kick and makes for an excellent sauce on sandwiches and burgers.



5 mins

0 mins

5 mins

383 kcal

A smooth, creamy chili aioli dip with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes and whole peppercorns, served in a speckled ceramic bowl. The bowl rests on a natural linen cloth on a rustic wooden table, with vibrant red chili peppers, and a scoop of spices in the background.


  • 1 cup mayonnaise

  • 4 teaspoons lemon juice

  • 6 cloves minced garlic (or 6 teaspoons garlic paste)

  • ½ teaspoon dijon mustard

  • ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper


  1. Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle a little bit of cayenne pepper on top of the sauce when serving as a dip for garnish.


  • To save time when making recipes that use lots of garlic, we recommend using garlic paste. One teaspoon of garlic paste is the equivalent of one clove of garlic.


  1. Calories 383 kcal | 
  2. Carbohydrate Content 2.2 g | 
  3. Cholesterol Content 23.1 mg | 
  4. Fat Content 41.2 g | 
  5. Fiber Content 0.2 g | 
  6. Protein Content 0.8 g | 
  7. Serving Size 1 portion | 
  8. Sodium Content 366.3 mg | 
  9. Sugar Content 0.5 g | 

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